Front-End Developer & iOS Head Developer

Decidata is hiring a ninja Front-End Dev with skills in iOS development to design our inSights platform and create our brand new iOS app in sunny Mexico City!

We leverage real-time tv analytics with ad recognition for digital marketing.

Smarter Decisions with TV Analytics

What is Decidata?

Decidata is a startup specialized in TV Analytics. We have developed a proprietary technology to recognize in real-time every ad displayed on any TV channel. Based on this technology, we are currently launching 2 products:

  1. inSights: a platform presenting historical data, analysis and insights on every past TV campaign: we can show for example how CocaCola compares to Pepsi in terms of TV ad duration, frequency, preferred channel and time of the day, number of different spots, campaign total duration as well as estimated total TV campaign investment. That allows our clients to monitor their own TV campaign, but also to analyze the TV marketing strategy and plan of their competition, all in real time. We also build reports detailing every TV ad displayed for the brands and companies monitored.
  2. TVsync: every time an ad is detected, it can act as a trigger for online marketing (Google Search and Display, Social Media, etc.). That allows 2 different strategies for our clients:
    • Blast: when the ad of their own company is displayed on TV, we launch a wave of synchronized digital ads online, in real time to increase the reach and the impact of the TV campaign.
    • CounterAttack: when the ad of the company’s competitor is displayed on TV, we launch the digital campaign at the same time to counter the effect of the TV ad and divert the traffic created by the ad to the company’s own website.

What will be your job?
The mission is two-fold:
  1. Develop the inSights platform: based on the existing framework, implement charts, graphs and every relevant data visualization tool to get our platform to display every data in real time. The V2 will also be tackled, with integration of Google Analytics data to deliver more insights on the platform. Develop the reports infrastructure. You will work on a daily basis directly with the CTO and the Head of Product of Decidata to improve the quality and the functionalities of our main client interface. Our software runs mainly on Python and JavaScript, with PHP and SQL. Everything runs in the cloud with AWS.
  2. Create the iOS app: there is a strong demand from our clients to have a Decidata app to display their relevant data. The app will basically reuse most of the existing data infrastructure and visualization. We plan to only launch an iOS version for the moment (Swift FTW!). As the Mobile App Head Developer, you will have full autonomy and responsibility on this project.
Who are we looking for?
You are the hidden gem we are looking for if you combine these skills:
  • JavaScript, Python, HTML & CSS, PHP, SQL
  • Data visualization (experience with ECharts a plus)
  • iOS development experience with Swift
  • Fluent English, French or Spanish a plus
  • Autonomy and rigor in daily production: we don’t care about the hours, just about the production
  • Technical creativity and quick adoption of new technologies required to boost our products
What do we offer?
If you are the right fit for Decidata, you’ll have the pleasure to:
  • Work autonomously with a highly skilled and hard-working team
  • Enjoy our beautiful offices situated in the best neighborhood of Mexico City: La Condesa, close to Chapultepec Park, filled with cool bars and restaurants
  • Join us as an intern for 6 months or as a full-time employee, with all the benefits and salary associated with each position, depending on your experience and on your own plan
  • Discover awesome Mexico, the food, the culture, the nightlife and travel to incredible places with the team (3-days weekends happen easily)!

Strong data viz skills required!

To apply, send your resume along with some examples of past projects to: cyprien[@]